How to install Eclipse351 for optimal use in program development beyond just java.



The perfect Eclipse set-up for working with different computer languages is an elusive beast that in constantly howling drains time and energy from any set of indirectly and related projects. In the following paragraphs I will introduce an install sequence that should render that type of install beast somewhat harmless.

The steps are in sequence to make it real easy to not goof up.

PHP Development Tools-PDT

After you download Eclipse you are faced with what to install first. At times certain Eclipse projects release interim releases that become defacto standards and require special installation to use all features. In the case with Eclipse 3.5.1 its PHP development Tools(PDT).

Installing Dynamic Language Tool Kit 2.0

To install PDT 2.2 you must first install DLTK2.0 well before the Eclipse core. Update URL is:

Installing PDT 2.2

Than PDT2.2 can be installed form update URL of:
Note: PDT Zend debugger is installed as part of the upcoming Aptana install.

Installing PHP Tools(PHP src)

To get integration with PHP Code Sniffer etc you will install PHP Src from the update URL of:
Note: you will install the PHP Code Sniffer PHPUnit dependencies via PEAR.

MakeGood-PHP TestRunner

Update URL is:
Must install Stagehandrunner and other dependencies, instructions at:

Aptana 2.0

we install Aptana 2.0 at this time in the install sequence so that we can get two items that are important to PHP, the Zend debugger and the RoR YAML editor for MVC YAML file editing.

Aptana update URL is:

By installing rest of the plugins such as RoR, ruby, AJAX, git, etc you can get other plugins that pertain to rails framework application development in the LAMP environment.

Rest of Eclipse

Now we are ready to install rest of Eclipse by some slight customization.

Mylyn 3.3.1

You will want to install Mylyn331, all 3 parts from these update sites:

That gives the core of Mylyn331 along with support for Trac, JIRA, and web templates connectors so you can connect to those track systems that have a REST or Web api but that do not have an Eclipse plugin just yet.

Eclipse AJDT

AJDT is required for the Spring IDE plugins, the update URL of:
Note: Other Aspects plugins are installed in later steps such as Guice and ASM(Spring).

Eclipse M2E

To work with Maven install M2E via the update URL of:


To get access to cloud VPSes such as Amazon install via the update URL of:

Eclipse TM

To get the RSE extensions for remote terminal etc in Eclipse. Update URL is:

Eclipse 3.5.1

Now install the Galileo core, than install the project updates.

Java Analysis Plugins


Update URL of:
Note: You may also want to install ByeCodeOutline as it supplies an outline of bytecodes of a java class file.


Update URL of:


Update URL of:

Additional Plugins

Wicked Shell

The update URL is:


For Code2Code to work you must have a plugin for one of the generators used; ie Freemarker is supplied by Jboss Tools, Groovy by the Groovy plugin, etc. Update URL is:
Usage directions can be found at:


Update URL is:
Usage directions at:


Wikis are nice to keep notes in but when working on closed soruce items you need to store the wiki notes locally to protect such items as trade secrets thus Stateofflow's wiki plugin is perfect for this purpose. Update URL is:
Can export wiki notes as a self contained unit, see help guide for details.


Update URL is:

Other SCM plugins

If you use more than one SCM provider such as GoogleCode Github, etc you will end up installing some additional SCM plugins.


while Aptana provides us with the Git plugin to access git Googlecode and Sun's SCM support Mercurial and thus we need to install a Mercurial SCM plugin. The update URL is:



If you have chosen to install the non Model Edition of Eclipse you have to install Acceleo manually via thi supdate URL:
The update URL for the extensions is:


while ArgoUML is nice it never keeps up with Eclipse through their plugin so PapyrusUML is used instead. The update URL is:
The extensions update URL is:


GWT and AppEngine

The update URL is:

Android ADT

The update URL is:


Update URL of:

JavaEE Tools


Groovy update URL is:


Gradle update URL is:

JBoss Tools

JBoss Tools update URL is:

Spring Source Tools

Spring Source Tools update manager directions are at:

Embedded Tools

Eclipse Linux Tools

Linux tools for c/c++ development. The update URL is:


Update URL is:

BitBake OE(BugLabs)

Update URL is:




The spelling dict file can be found at this old JavaLobby article:


Locate the directory path of your PHP cli installation to use in the next steps. Setup your PHP Libraries to point to the libraries installed via PEAR and those non-PEAR PHP libraries. Eclipse plugins that mesh well with Eclipse PDT are in flus so usually the workflow is setup Run external Tasks first before writing the phing or pake build file. Thus, Pake, Phing, PHPUnit, PHPDepend, PHPMD, PHPcpd, PHPCodeSniffer, PHPLoc, PHPDoc, etc can be setup using Pake as the example:
In the tools other than Pake and Phing you will setup


as the argument to be inserted in the 3rd box.

PHP Xinc

PHP code Completion for MVC Frameworks

Now the fun part, while code completion is enabled for standard PHP constructs we need to enable for the specific MVC framework constructs we are using. we accomplish this be getting the Eclipse code compete for PHP to run a specific PHP file that we list as an inclusion file.

PHP Code Templates



Eclipse Run External Tools setup for paver:



Eclipse Run External Tools setup for rake:


I have started transitioning towards using Groovy and Groovy tools to make java development easier so these directions have a groovy bias.

Groovy's Gradle

Eclipse Run external Tools setup:

Concluding Remarks

Although I include both mobile(Android) and embedded due to the development work I usually work on you can eliminate those items from the steps given above.

Unless otherwise stated, the content of this page is licensed under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License