Reference articles about Android application and Android OS development.

Introduction Articles

Road to Android A brief history of Mobile Development leading to Android.

Mobile Telecom Terms An article explaining mobile telecom terms and technology.

Android Technology Terms An introduction to android Technology terms.

Components of the Android OS A descriptive article on the components of the Android Operating System.

Introduction to Java Programming An introduction to java programming.

Android Application Lifecycle A small treatise on the Android Application Life-cycle.


Android Myths Android Myths or why the iPhone Apple Freaks are scared.

Android Programming

Android SDK setup A howto article on Android SDK setup.

Android IDE setup A howto article on setting up the IDE for android development.

Android Application Development Basics Basic fundamentals of Android Application development.

Android Frameworks Basic development fundamentals on each Android Framework component.

Android Application with a View Android applications with views explained.

Android WebView Applications Android WebView applications development howtos.

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